Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much Price: $10.95

NEW!  "Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much".  Author Allia Zobel Nolanwith cartoons by Nicole Hollander.  Available in October.  80 pages. Revised by popular demand!  This humorous book is a must for Cat Lovers!

Are you covered in cat hair? Do you reek of Feliway? Is your kitty's happiness your one desire? Millions of women struggle with the same challenge.  They feel inadequate when it comes to satisfying their kitties so they wind up on a never-ending quest to do more, be more, give more.

Some say being addicted to cats plays havoc with self-esteem, makes you the brunt of jokes, and interferes with your quality of life, relationships, and careers, but most women feel that's a small price to pay. Still, if you're on the fence about your feline addiction, "Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much" can help.  It showcases warning signs for those hoping to get their lives back.  It alerts those who could be slipping about how to serve their kitties better.  And it comes clean about behavior most people believe is over-the-top, but which cat lovers take for granted.  Best of all, though, it answers the questions: when is enough enough?  (never!) and, is enough enough? (No way.)