Gerry Niskern

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My Philosophy:

Watercolor is an exciting medium. It requires quick decisions, a sense of adventure and a great amount of flexibility...I love the challenge this vibrant and transparent medium offers! I always try to create something different and new that no one else has done.

No matter how many years I've been painting, I still get excited when I start a new piece. Watercolor is a wet medium and should have a wet appearance. I completely wet down the paper and float the paint on the surface. To increase the appearance of fluidity in my colors I mix the colors on the paper. I love the depth that is achieved when glaze, after transparent glaze is applied. Always a purist, I accept the challenge of saving the white paper for my whites and using no opaques to dull the vibrancy of my paintings.

I grew up in Arizona and love to portray the west from it's sparkling desert sands and canyons, the Indian pueblos and cliff dwellings to the aspen forests of the north.



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"Winter Jewels" | "Seascape" | "Crystal Mist" | "Morning Glo" | "First Ones Out" | "Come Taste The Wine"

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